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Hirose Group philosophy

We continue to support a prosperous society through high-quality, reliable technology and on-site capabilities developed over decades.

Code of Conduct of the Hirose Group

  1. I will always ensure the safety and security of people. [Safety and Security]
    I pledge that the first priority will be the safety and security of the people in the local community, customers, cooperative companies, and field personnel.
  2. I will act in such a way that my colleagues, family, and I can be proud of the work I do. [Compliance]
    I will do my job in compliance with the law without dishonest acts or cheating. I will always do the right thing and act fairly. Moreover, I will report and share even bad information early so that I can develop prompt solutions to urgent problems.
  3. I will act in the best interests of our customers and the field. [Customer-oriented]
    To earn the gratitude and trust of customers, I will consider ways to improve and always remember that field workers can work efficiently and comfortably, and I will act accordingly.
  4. I will choose ways to improve myself. [Challenge and Improvement]
    I will not continue with familiar ways but choose to accept the challenge of improving both the company and myself, even if I have no experience in the methods I will use nor if I see risks in my approach.
  5. I will overcome challenges with my own ideas and the wisdom of colleagues. [Power of Team]
    I will voluntarily gather colleagues, exercise wisdom, and act on the collective decisions as an organization.